Hummingbird Update, Google Says Goodbye to Keywords and Low Quality Content

Nov 20, 2013

At the beginning of October, Google introduced a brand-new update to their algorithm. While Google updates their search algorithm on a regular basis, there are specific adjustments that stick out from the rest. Over the previous couple of years, the Panda and Penguin updates have been Google's many considerable shifts. And as a lot of individuals involved in the search industry agree, Google's most recent upgrade, which is being referred to as Hummingbird, will sign up with the ranks of those really considerable algorithm rollouts. As a matter of fact, several people are claiming that this is biggest change to the method Google functions of the last many years!

So, What Specifically is Hummingbird?

Since Google's algorithm is so complicated, you can quickly load an entire book scuba diving in to it and exploring the technical information of this update. Nevertheless, the basic essence of this adjustment is that Hummingbird is Google's large shift away from stringently keyword phrases and to having even more concentrate on semantics and intent. Now, even if you just delicately stay up to date with the search engine advertising and optimization globe, this concept possibly doesn't seem cutting edge. The factor for that is it's something that's been talked about for many years now. Exactly what is a large deal is Google is ultimately rolling this principle in to their real online search engine modern technology. One of the reasons Google goes to a factor where they manage to make that leap is since they've collected a massive quantity of data from both Google Voice and Android.

Exactly how Should You Handle Hummingbird?

As Matt Cutts has actually explicitly mentioned, the biggest concept to keep in mind is that Google's future "is about things, not strands." So if piling keywords in to your content has actually been a major part of your Search Engine Optimization approach, it's time to seriously reassess that approach. As a matter of fact, heavily relying on keywords could not even be much of an option as well much in the future. The factor is the company's other big modification is that they're visiting start securing all natural keyword phrase information. That implies if you had hopes that the percentage of "not provided" searches in your Google Analytics data was going to lessen, it's time to approve that. Google isn't visiting switch course on that problem.

Although modifications like this one can be extremely discouraging to marketing experts, getting mad isn't really going to help you keep or improve the amount of natural web traffic your site gets. Instead, it's merely one more piece of evidence regarding why SEO shortcuts simply aren't worth it. Due to the fact that this adjustment truly comes down to providing specifically the sort of material that human beings (and not search engine robotics) wish to read, that's what you need to be releasing. And in order to spread the word about that content, the very best strategy is to make use of organic networks like social networks in order to engage in organic outreach. If you emphasize ensuring that each piece of content that your company generates is the absolute ideal it can be, that content will certainly be able to steer outcomes despite Hummingbird or other changes Google might make in the future.

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